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How To Take Care Of Our Body

Our body works for us all the time whenever we need it, it is very important to take care of our body in order to keep it clean and smooth. “Health is Wealth” a very common saying, we follow. This proverb also leads us the way of living a healthy life.

There are some basic good habits that everyone should follow –

Some of them are listed below –

Take Care of Your Teeth

It is very important to take care of your teeth, you should brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Make sure your toothpaste has all the necessary ingredients, which are a must to keep your mouth hygienic. The various kinds of food we eat have many different kinds of germs and bacteria. Which survive of different parts of our mouth such as tongue, teeth, lips and gums too these may destroy or decay the teeth and lead to a hole or cavity in the teeth. So we should clean and wash our mouth whenever we eat any food or any kind of sweet dish.

It is very important to use candy floss when you eat products. Floss is important not to increase the amount of germs and bacteria in the mouth.


It is a sticky film of dirt that is present in the mouth. The plaque is collected when we do not wash our mouth. It makes our teeth look dirty and blurry.

Some care that you need to do —

Do not brush your teeth too hard as it may damage your gums and erode your enamel.

After brushing your teeth it is a must to rub your gums with your finger if you feel pain or swelling in the gums you must visit a dentist.


Hands are the most important part of the body which are very essential for one’s survival. Hands are the main source by which germs and bacteria enter our bodies. So we should keep them clean in order to stop germs from spreading. If you eat with dirty hands you may fall sick so we should wash our hands with soap and clean water. This should also be done after touching wounds or sneezing be must also check whether we have short and clean nails or not this is so because germs grow in dirt.


Washing and cleaning our feet every day is essential and especially when become from outside. It helps us to wash away the sweat in the legs. We should always wear clean footwear and avoid walking barefoot anywhere it prevents the risk of insect bites ad infections including injuries.

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Eyes are very important to have they help us to see the world around us and expressing our feelings too we should take care of our eyes. They should be washed regularly in order to stay fresh and calm. We should always read insufficient light and should not hold the book very close to our eyes. We should also avoid reading vehicle too as this may strain our eyes and make them feel ache also we should watch T.V. from a safe distance in order to keep them well.

Ears And Nose

Ears and nose are the most important part of the body. Ears are important to hear and the nose helps us to smell and breath. We should clean our ears with earbuds and never put and pointed or sharp things in our ears as it might burst the ear curtain we should clean our nose with pure water every day the nose is very sensitive.


Tongue helps us to taste the food we eat and help us to talk. Bacteria grow on the tongue, in the saliva present in the mouth. After brushing we should clean our tongue gently with a tongue cleaner.


The skin is the most sensitive part of the body it catches the diseases fast the skin is a major source by which we may fall sick. Whenever we travel outside we should always keep wet wipes with us, or we can also use a sanitizer when necessary. We should also take bath regularly with soap and water.


Stomach is the most important part of the human system. This is so because the stomach has the digestive system which is very important and a must to have as it helps in digesting our food. When we eat food, we eat many unnecessary things that we should not have in order to stay fit. Junk food and another food item that we but from the market with that packaged food that we eat like chip and wafers including biscuits are very harmful for our health. These food items that are made outside are made with dirty and unwashed hand, they also contain oils that are extremely unhealthy for our health. They are cooked in dirty surroundings. These foods attack the liver as it can’t digest such kind of foods. Liver being the largest gland of the body is also extremely useful. The liver produces several digestive juices that are needed to digest the food. The liver gets destroyed or unhealthy because of foods and oils that it cannot digest easily. When the Germs in the saliva enter the stomach, they may cause harm to us. We need to stay safe by simply taking care of our body.

Walking barefoot may lead you to infection in the stomach.

If you walk bare foot you may catch an infection. This is so because the holes that you have in your legs by which you perspire, may lead a way to insects and small and tiny, invisible bacteria to your stomach. These bacteria may enter your stomach and make you fall sick. These bacteria may also go then to your intestine and cause harm to it. The most suitable advise for this is that you should drink lots of fluids.



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