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Extinct Animals – Amazing Facts About Dinosaurs – Unique Features, Amsrgasaurus & Pterosaurs?

If we take a closer look at extinct animals, dinosaurs! Is the very first name that comes to our mind. Yes, dinosaurs are now extinct animals as they have now vanished. Let’s take a closer look at dinosaurs –


How Were they?

Compsognathus – It was a dinosaur. It appeared on earth about 245 million years ago. The Compsognathus was around 0.5 meters tall and weighed about 5.5 kilograms.

How big were they?

The brachiosaurus could be as huge as the brachiosaurus or as small as a Compsognathus. The brachiosaurus was amongst the largest dinosaurs that roamed on Earth. The brachiosaurus was almost twenty-five meters tall and weighed about eighty thousand kilograms.


What did their diet include?

The plant-eating dinosaurs ate leaves and twigs as well as seeds. My meat-eating friends ate lizards as well as insects including other dinosaurs.


Did they have teeth?

Most of the dinosaurs had grinding teeth which helped them eat plants. However, meat-eating dinosaurs had sharp knife-like teeth with grooves that helped them to chew the meat that they eat.


What were their unique features?

Plant eaters – the largest dinosaurs such as the brachiosaurus and the Apatosaurus were actually enormous plant eating dinosaurs. They had scaly skin. And a long tail and neck. Some of them even had feathers that kept them warm.


Where did they live?

The dinosaurs could easily be found all over the world, even in Antarctica! But now we can’t find them anywhere. As they are now extinct.


Who all were in there their family?

Dinosaurs were a huge family! Over 700 species of dinosaurs existed on Earth.

Triassic period – there were three major dinosaurs groups – the sauropodomorphs, the theropods, and the ornithischians.


Did they lay eggs?

The female dinosaurs either had a handful of eggs, which was about 3 to 5 eggs, or could lay a whole clutch which was about 15 to 20 at a time.

Different shapes – Some dinosaur eggs were elongated whereas some others were round. The biggest dinosaur eggs were about 19 – inches long, the size of a giant football. The smallest were half – an – inch long the size of a tennis ball.


Did they have a tail?

Most of the dinosaurs had tails. This helped them balance their heavy and huge bodies. The diplodocus had a twenty-seven meters long tail.

Whip like tails – the diplodocus could flip its tail like a bullwhip to scare its enemies. The cracking sound that was produced was louder than the firing of a connon.


Who was the most – intelligent dinosaur?

Troodon – the troodon was one of the most intelligent dinosaurs. It was a meat eating dinosaur with gasping hands. Which were about 2 meters long. It had keen eyes and a large brain.


Who was the stegosaurus?

Bony plates – the stegosaurus had two rows of high and tall bony plates on its back. It was a plant eating dinosaur. The stegosaurus lived in the late Jurassic period.

Tiny skull – its skull and brain were very tiny as compared to the size of its heavy and giant body. It was over 6.5 meters tall.


Who was the oldest dinosaur?

The saltopus was one of the oldest known dinosaurs that ever existed on earth. The saltopus roamed on the Earth about two hundred and forty five million years ago as well as it was only found in Scotland. The salopus was a slightly – built dinosaur that roamed on earth with two of its feet.

Extinct Animals

Who were velociraptors?

Velociraptors were sickle–clawed dinosaurs that lived in central and eastern Asia. Velociraptors existed during the cretaceous period.

Agile predators – velociraptors were agile predators who hunted small herbivores.


Who was the tyrannosaurus, Rex?

The tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs that ever existed on the Earth. It was known as the king of tyrant lizards.

Gigantic – creatures – the T. Rex was over 6.5 m tall and weighed around four thousand to seven thousand kilograms. It had over 60 teeth which it shed and regrew again frequently.


Who were pterosaurs?

Pterosaurs were a group of flying reptiles, not dinosaurs. They were the very first reptiles that could ever fly. As they were enormous so they could only fly short distances.


Who were amsrgasaurus?

The amargasaurus was a dinosaur that lived during the cretaceous period. It had a double roe of prickly spines over its neck and its back too. This set it apart from the other dinosaurs.

Short – necked – unlike other sauropods, the amargasaurus was a small and a short neck plant – eater.

Dinos and dragons – the very first dinosaur bones were found in China nearly four thousand (4000) years ago. Initially, at that time it was assumed that these bones belonged to dragons.

Dragons belonged to the family of dinosaurs, but the difference between a dragon and a dinosaur is that a dragon can fly where as dinosaurs can’t fly. The dragons have a very light weight with feathered body, their light weight allows them to fly.

  • The scientific name of dinosaur is dinosauria.
  • The word dinosaur means terrible lizard.
  • “gobble – gobble”
  • Some plant eating dinosaurs could even swallow stones. These stones helped them to grind the fibrous plant matter they ate.
  • Dinosaurs could easily re–grow their teeth if they are broken or fall down.
  • Dinosaurs ruled the earth in the mezoric era. The mezoric era can be divided into 3 periods – the Triassic, the Jurassic and the cretaceous era.
  • Extinct – means the family which has no species left.
  • The one who studies dinosaurs is known as a paleontologist.



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