Friday, March 31, 2023


Pollution is the kind of unwanted waste material that spoils mother earth. Pollution can harm the whole environment. It is very harmful to as well as the old age people. There are many ways by which pollutions spread all over the country. Day by day our country and world is becoming a pollutant. But as the lands spared becoming a pollutant, we are also one of the main reasons of that. We can also say that pollution is an era of problems in worries where pollution is also a very big issue for society. Pollution has also been a serious matter for the country of the society full stops now a day’s it is in the mouth of each and every Nation. It has a very harmful impact on people. Not only people but also animals as well as birds are vanishing due to pollution. It is needless to say that people are living under the trouble due to its. Life has become hell. We are losing our values in life. It causes harm to the life cycle of people. There are so many causes to promote it. The very fast is that the responsibility of people for the same. Human has become touch up blind and crazy for it that he or she is not able to distinguish between the right and the wrong choice. Now I just that it is the time when we must take a big step against pollution. It is not only the government’s responsibility but also the responsibility of every citizen to bring his hand forward and help the country to face the problem of pollution. The people also need support and cooperation with the government as early as possible. The media can be used as a positive channel, where people can give suggestions and motivate each and every citizen of the country to overcome the problem of pollution. The pollution is more dangerous for the society as we could see in the above information that it concludes that the government must take a suitable step against it to make the people aware about this. Pollution makes the whole environment dirty by polluting or damaging natural resources such as the land, air including soil as well as water, and many more. The chemical particles pollute the environment and this is what we call pollution. When the artificial fertilizers are mixed with the soil, land and pollute the environment. Throwing garbage in open areas pollutes the surroundings and results in harmful spreading diseases. In other words, we can say that pollution is the introduction of harmful chemicals in materials in the environment which harm nature. Pollutants can be either natural or they can be human-made. Pollution can also be described as a creation by human activities such as trash or unused products or even harmful products such as plastic as well as many more. The garbage from industry or the factories that flowed down to the river. The pollutants damage the quality of air including water as well as Land. There are many reasons why the nation is polluted when. Some of them are when people do not use public transport in seed they are using their own vehicles separately. This is one of the most harmful causes of pollution. And the greatest problem by which pollution spreads in nature is deforestation. In today’s time, people are cutting down trees for their survival. Which is very harmful and can cause very bad impacts to the nature of the human as well as animals including birds. If we cut down trees automatically the animals will start dying even we will not get anything to eat. Oxygen or air or even kind of natural material that we gain from nature will not be enough or sufficient for our survival aforestation is the best idea by which we can help the nature overcome this problem of pollution. A few kinds of pollution and radioactive pollution as well as thermal pollution and sound pollution. There are so many kinds of pollution at just enough to destroy the whole planet. Pollution is the act of mixing some unwanted dirty elements in the natural resources full stops and the main type of pollution including land pollution. Pollution can lead us to a very harmful impact on our health. Some of them are heart diseases coma lung diseases as well as respiratory diseases such as breathing problems as well as many more. Air pollution can also cause damage to people’s nerves including the brain as well as kidneys and other organs of the body such as the liver and many more. Some of the scientists suspect air pollutants that cause birth defects. Pollution is a global issue. Air pollution is the major global environment through our health and food security. It is estimated to cause the death of about 3.7 million people. It also destroys in food and crops to feed about a million people every year. Gram many ways by which you can reduce pollution the very first is that you should reduce the number if trips you take in your own private vehicles you should use public vehicles more. This is so because public vehicles will help you cause less pollution. You should also reduce the fireplace and word instead you should use a gas stove, Whereas in villages people are using firewood to make food which we should estimate. After gardening makes sure that you avoid burning the leaves on the trash and other materials.



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