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Eye health Tips – Amazing Facts, Damage Your Eyes & Foods Items For Eye Sight

The eye is the most precious and important part of the body. They are important and a must to have. This is so because they help us to see the world around us. It is very important for us to take care of them in order to keep them healthy and safe. But today it is very difficult to take care of our eyes by protecting them from things such as television, mobile phone, laptop, Ipad or tabs. These things have become an important part of today’s time of the pandemic, work from home has become a necessity for the ones who do jobs but still, we misuse these sources of technology and it results in eye damage. Children and youngsters use them just for fun which may lead them to harmful results.


Things That May Damage Your Eyes –

  • Ultraviolet sunlight may be proven harmful for our eyes
  • It is said and even believed that the excessive use of alcohol can even destroy our eyes including your brain and liver with several other internal organs of the body
  • Spending too much time in front of the screen may cause harm to your eyes
  • Overuse of eye drops may also lead you to harmful effects
  • Contact lenses may be proven harmful for your eyes
  • Smoking is the major reason for eye destruction
  • Dry eyes are one of them


Some Tips That May Be Helpful –

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet including a lot of vitamin A. This is so because vitamin A helps us to keep our eyesight healthy. Having a lack of vitamin A may lead you to a deficiency disease named night blindness or also called anemia.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight keeps you away from several diseases as well as helps you to maintain your figure and posture too including good eyesight
  • Getting regular exercise is a must and even mandatory for both things – the very first is keeping your eyes fit and the next one is that the different kinds of exercises are necessary and important for different health benefits
  • Wearing sunglasses may help you in protecting your eyes from the sun.
  • Wearing protective eyes wear may help
  • You should avoid smoking as it is very harmful to your eyes and even to your lungs. It destroys other organs and promotes our pollution too.
  • Knowing your family’s medical history is a good idea
  • Always take care of your other risk factors too
  • You should wash your eyes with cold water in order to keep them clean
  • Avoid sleeping at late night in order to avoid redness eyes

Eye health Tips

Some Amazing Facts About Eyes That You Need To Know –

  • It is believed that the eyes concentrate on about 50 things each and every second.
  • The organ that is more complex than the brain in the human body is just the eyes.
  • About ten million different colors can easily be distinguished by the eyes.
  • You can never sneeze with your eyes open.
  • It is believed that about eighty percent of all learning comes with the help of our eyes.
  • A candle flame that is about 1.7 miles away from you can easily be detected by your eyes.
  • The colored part of your eyes also known as the eyeball has about two hundred and fifty-six different and unique character traits whereas your fingerprint has only 40.
  • There is a medical term named heterochromia that is used for having two different colored eyes.
  • It is said that the eye is the fastest contracting muscle in the whole human body whereas it contacts in about 1/100th of a second.

Point To Be Noted –

  • People who are blind or can be called visually impaired use a symbol representation called Braille.
  • Braille is a system of reading and writing using raised dots. It was invented in 1824 by a person named Louise Braille who himself was blind.
  • It is believed that the eves do not grow throughout our life whereas the other sense organs such as the nose and the ears including lips and a few more sense organs grow throughout the whole life.
  • If you also do work from home and use laptops or other appliances it is a must for you to use ultraviolet light glasses to reduce the risk of eye damage.
  • The goat is the only animal in the whole world that has a rectangular-shaped eye ball whereas the other humans or animals do not have.


Some Foods Items That Are Good For Your Health And Eyesight –

  • Raw bell peppers are a rich source of vitamin C and also provide us good eyesight.
  • White pepper is also good for our eyesight and it is also believed that white pepper is also wonderful for our brain.
  • Sunflower seeds and nuts are rich sources of vitamin E with other helpful nutrients too.
  • Green leafy vegetables are also good for our eyes as they contain vitamin A including other essential nutrients and also iron which is needed to build the human body. People who eat a lot of western diets or make the western diet their staple food do not fall sick easily as this kind of food gives us energy and other essential nutrients that provide the body immunity.
  • Sweet potato is also good for our health as it contains beta–carotene. Foods like mango, carrots, apricots are rich in beta–carotene.


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