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Do Not Take Drugs – Why Are Illegal Drugs Considered Dangerous?

Drugs are a pathetic thing for our society and world. These kinds of smoky and unused structures destroy society. Drugs are considered chemicals that can easily change the way of a person’s body. You might have heard that drugs are bad for you, but what does it mean and why is kit said so????

Medicines are legal drugs that are necessary for one’s survival, but only if taken in the right manner as well as the right amount too.

You might have ever been sick and taken medicines, this is what you already call a type of drug.” Medicines are considered legal drugs” this means that doctors are allowed to prescribe medicines when someone is ill. Chemist stores can sell them too and these drugs are the ones that people are allowed to buy or sell. But his is neither legal nor safe, for the people to use these medicines overdosed. People can’t even buy medicines without the prescription or referral of doctors or skilled professionals as well as experts.


Cigarettes or alcohol 

Cigarettes and alcohol are the other two kinds of drugs that are considered legal.


law regarding drugs

people are not allowed to produce, sell, purchase, manufacture, cultivate, possess, transport, or consume drugs


why are illegal drugs considered dangerous?

Illegal drugs are considered illegal because they are not good for any one’s health, but mainly they are bad for children or teenagers whose body is still growing. Illegal or banned drugs can easily damage the heart, lungs as well as brain including some other important organs of the body. These drugs can even lead to heart attack, as well as several harmful and dangerous diseases not only in ill people or adults but also in kids as well as teenagers.

If people or children use drugs they are unable to perform well at studies, sports, and several other activities too. Having drugs can also harm the brain and so people are not able to take good decisions and can’t even think clearly.

Do Not Take Drugs

Why do people use to take drugs?

This is so because sometimes people or kids take drugs to do something new or even if they are curious to do so.

But if someone is addicted to this habit, it is not simple for them to leave the habit or to overcome through it. And this makes the person habitual of getting or buying illegal drugs. Stopping this may lead to symptoms such as vomiting or suffocation, sweating or tremors which can also be called as shaking.  And these symptoms happen until and unless the person has the habit of leaving drugs or being drug-free.


All we need to know about

  • Most of the teenagers die from prescription drugs then heroin or combined.
  • In the year 2013 more 10th or high school seniors often used marijuana than cigarettes 22.7% smoked pot, as compared to the ones who took cigarettes was about 16.3%.
  • 60% of the seniors did not see regular marijuana use as a harmful chemical.
  • 1/3 of teenagers who live in states represent about 5% of the world’s population and about 75% of prescription drugs taken and about 60% of the teenagers abuse prescription drugs which they get for free from friends and relatives too.
  • Adderall used has increased amongst the high school, 10th, or 12th students from 5.4% in 2009 to 7.5% this year.
  • 54% of the high school seniors or students do not think or obey that regular steroid use is harmful to them, the lowest number since 1980 when the national institute of drugs abuse started against prescription on steroids.
  • By the 8th grade, about 28% of children consume alcohol, and about 15% smoke cigarettes and marijuana has been using by 16.5% of students and teenagers.
  • Teens who consistently learn about the risk of taking or having drugs from their parents are up to 50% less likely than those who take drugs regularly than the ones who do not.
  • Up to 6.5% of school students or college, seniors to take drugs smoke pot daily up from 5.1% of those 5 years ago, meanwhile less than 20% of 12th graders think occasional use is harmful, meanwhile, less than 40% see regular use as harmful.
  • About 50% of school seniors and students do not think it’s harmful or to try or crack, cocaine once or just twice and about 40% believe that it’s not harmful heroin once or twice.


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