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Wight Gain Tips – Important To Gain Weight, Foods For Weight Gain?

Why Is It Important To Gain Weight?

A very simple answer to this question is that you definitely do not need to gain weight, but yes you have to maintain your weight as well as your body too. You neither have too thin or too fat. You simply need to maintain your figure.



  • Do not ever drink water half an hour before your meals and half an hour after your meal. This will make your stomach full and not let you gain fats.
  • Eat more food often.
  • Drinking milk may be considered helpful.
  • Try to have weight gain snacks.
  • Drinking weight gain shakes such as banana shakes as well as strawberry shakes and many more may be proved helpful.
  • Using bigger plates may help.
  • If you love coffee so do not ever forget to add cream to it. It will help you to gain more.


Foods For Weight Gain –

  • Avocado is very beneficial for health. It is full of anti–oxidants.
  • Brown rice is totally health. They contain a lot of protein and fibers too. They can help you gain weight within less time.
  • Eggs are full of protein. They will definitely help you gain weight faster and easier.
  • Bananas contain a lot of potassium and so they are extremely healthy and help you gain weight easier and faster.
  • Salmon may help you throughout this.
  • Meat, as well as chicken, is also good for your health. They are full of protein. They are a good source of weight gain.
  • Mango in summers is extremely juicy and even good for your health as it helps you to gain weight.
  • Raisins are beneficial for your brain. They boost and sharpen your brain and so it is with your body too. Yes! They are a good source by which you can gain weight easier.
  • Jack fruit is also good for the brain as well as helps in weight gain. It is delicious and can also be eaten when boiled.
  • Eating salads that contain foods full of fibers. If you add cottage cheese to it, it will be more delicious and healthier.
  • Healthy foods rich in fats and fibers such as peanuts, nuts, almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, and many more are definitely going to help.
  • Cereal snack bars are rich in fibers and so they are very beneficial for health, especially for weight gain.
  • Whole grain bread is very good for health. It is full of fibers and so helps in weight gain, easier and faster.
  • Fish is full of protein as well as boosts your immune system.
  • Cheese helps in good weight gain.
  • Potatoes are rich and full of starch.
  • Fruits and vegetables are very good for health.
  • Chocolate milkshake is a refreshing delight as well as good for weight gain, make sure you do not use dark chocolate.
  • Fatty butter such as peanut butter, or almond butter, or many others are extremely beneficial for health. They give a perfect weight gain.
  • Although pasta is not healthy food but still good for weight gain.
  • You should also include coconut in your diet, it is very good for weight gain. Shredded coconut can be added to your meals. If you like to drink coconut milk you can drink it for weight gain.
  • Honey is also beneficial for weight gain. You can add it to your milk or shakes.
  • Dairy products such as milk, ghee, cheese, butter, mayonnaise, eggs, meat, and many more are very healthy and good for health.
  • Yogurt is one of them.
  • Corn is very beneficial for weight gain.
  • Lentils are one of them.
  • Grains and pulses such as wheat, rice, gram, millets, bajra, and many more are the best for weight gain.
  • Squash is another thing that is good for weight gain.
  • Other root vegetables such as turnip, colocasia, beetroot as well as potatoes including sweet potatoes are extremely wonderful to gain weight.
  • Oats are one of them.
  • Fats such as sugar and oils are good for weight gain.
  • Peach is one of them.
  • Pear may be helpful as well as delicious fruit.
  • Apricot is very good for your skin as well as for good weight gain.
  • Pea is also helpful.


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